Want to volunteer?

Thank you so much for wanting to become a volunteer at Roskilde Festival.

Every year, some 30.000 volunteers gather to put on the largest festival in northern Europe. Comprised of hundreds of local societies from sports clubs to student unions, there are many different avenues of volunteering at Roskilde Festival.

Become a festival volunteer

The most common way to volunteer during the festival are as bartenders, cooks, crowd safety, sanitation, sales, technicians and such. Everything that keeps the daily life and safety of the festival going.

The hours of engagement will range from 32 up to 100 hours depending on what kind of position or role you have.

How to become a volunteer?

We publish currently available positions on our website and on our community Facebook group.

Looking for something more?

Some decide to volunteer through the entire year preparing and organizing the festival. We call these ildsjæle and require a minimum of 100 hours of effort. From marketeers, recruiters and IT developers to coordinators, bookers and team leaders.

Go to our all-year volunteers page to learn more.

What does it mean to volunteer at Roskilde Festival?

Want to know more about how it means to be a volunteer at Roskilde Festival? Go to our website to read more about volunteering for the first time.

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